Friday, January 21, 2011

New work to start off 2011. I had to do some adjustments as this was a paying gig, but I can show it off with some slight changes to the face. It was a fun project and can't wait to do more like this. I am always glad to see new viewers and comments. Thanks for the support everyone. XD


Barret said...

Sweet Dude! So tell me a little about the Perfumed Steamroller.

bee_low said...

A guy sent me an email, asking that I paint his friend as a comic book character. Pretty much it. He gave me tons of freedom to do this one. I don't know to much the story behind this one and why he picked the title he did. I wish I would have had some kind of steampunk element to this one. Still a nice little project to line my forever empty pockets LOL. I wish I could come up with some awesome story behind her. I may ask to do a little short story of this character. It could turn out to be a cool little project. Nothing much else to add to this though. Still fun though. Tricky angle to get the legs right. I still think there are some things off a bit, but it's passable. Thanks for dropping by duder. XD