Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here is the final on the chow Illustration. I had fun doing it. I am finding out a lot about myself as far as doing Fantasy and Sci Fi themed stuff. I guess I am strictly going to get work just in those genres for now. Still have to get more productive. I feel I am not moving fast enough with these Illustrations. Just gotta keep producing I guess. Moving foward to the next one.


Kenji Bliss said...

Hey these are awesome updates! Looks like you have been keeping busy :) I might be at SDCC this summer but there is also a good chance I will not be able to make it due to work. But it would be cool to hang out with you again!!!

bee_low said...

Yeah, I am trying. Yeah I won't make it out that way either. I am going to try to shoot for next year. Things have been a bit rough for me. Yes, indeed it would be awesome to see you Josh, Andy and the gang again. I had a great time with you all!!! Thanks for dropping by though. XD