Monday, February 22, 2010

Here is a new personal piece that I am working up for portfolio. Enjoy everyone. At the moment I am, hopefully, going to get hired as a concept artist. Wish me luck everyone. I will still try to keep this blog updated with new pieces of work. Hands are a bit big, I know. I'll correct them one I get more into the painting. Later ladies and gents. XD


Eric-Anthony said...

nice, i really like the composition of the piece. keep it up and i wish u well in ur future career as a cpncept artist :D could you plz follow me aswell? i am like posting sketches of mine and other upcoming artists on my blog. if u dont mind, i would like to post something about ur work on my blog also.

bee_low said...

Sure I don't mind. And thanks for the comments. I should have it finished soon. I made some adjustments and more detail as well in my latest update.