Monday, January 18, 2010

I have finally got around to getting this image done. Funny story, but not so funny story about this image. I was finished with this image by the mid to end November, well almost. The file ended up corrupting and I was not able to open it. Had to go back some week or 2 back trying to finish this image up. Been tough trying to rework to what I had. Not sure if this one was better than the other. It is around the ballpark. It wasn't fun having a file corrupt, but this image showed promise of progression so I had to finish it up. It was interesting ride had fun doing the image. Now it is time to move on and try to get faster at doing these Illustrations. Still a long way to go. Life has been rough for me. I hope to see some new support and I am glad to have the friends that I have made on and offline, wherever. Thanks for the kind words, the crits and continued support from you all. I appreciate that. I just want to say that. Now back to the drawing board. Later peeps. XD

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